Sea Point

Sea Point’s hustle and bustle reminds one of city life however the smell of the sea breeze and seagulls flying overhead remind you that one road down and you are literally on the beachfront. The ever popular Sea Point Promenade stretches along this beachfront and this is where everyone comes to take a break from their hectic day.

You will find everyone, from a casual stroller and Rollerblader to hardcore runner, exercising and stretching those muscles on the 5km stretch alongside the sea. This area offers fantastic family time as there are playgrounds as well as games of soccer and rugby happening on the grass section. Sea Point’s main road is extremely cosmopolitan and offers everything from Woolworth’s stores to Chinese shops to Laundromats, bars, pubs and internet cafes, all intertwined, meaning that a stay in this area is never short of exciting.

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